"OH MY GOSH, it was wonderful. I've never had nitro-gas bubble out of my mouth after eating a dessert, made from apples and garden weeds, until this night! It was absolutely wowing! Please don't sign up for the newsletter, and don't go on the waiting list for the next pop up, because the less of you sign up, the more chance I have of getting in next time too!"

Natasha Lucas

" This was the most amazing experience. The food was sooooo good I cannot even begin to describe in words as well as the flavours and the presentation. Sign me up for the next one!"

Kim Raubenheimer

"Kitchen Takeover made me feel like I was living in Melbourne, or Wellington or even New York. Like a glorious local secret, with the added advantage of getting to meet lovely, like-minded folks. Very nice Restaurant from Mount Maunganui"

Rosie Dawson Hewes

"This was an incredible taste sensation, perfect food, perfect setting and perfect company.  I can't wait for the next one! Somehow i think it's going to be tough to get a seat next time around."

Kirstin Mead

"The food was amazing! Combinations I’d never had that tasted so divine - and cooked with local foraged ingredients. The tastes were so balanced, vibrant and euphoric - it was some of the best food I’ve ever had. All in all 5 Stars easy and I’m booking in early so we make sure we do t miss out on the next one. Great fun, great night, amazing food in an incredible experience.

Karl Stevenson

"Best meal I've had in the Mount. Absolutely loved the whole experience - brilliant food, hospitality, styling, company. Stacey, you should be really proud for organising such a cool event. SO good, I could not fault it! Can't wait for the next one."

Tinisha Kemp

Wish you'd had a bite?


Kitchen Takeover’s Hunter Gatherer edition will take you on a journey of 1.6 million years, exploring all the foraging fodder and hunting bounty that Autumn has to offer. From fish to fruit, plants to flesh, our six course menu will be a celebration of the season’s goodness and Aotearoa's rich and diverse food.


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