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Kitchen takeoveR


On a balmy Sunday evening at the end of February 2018, 24 strangers gathered for an intimate evening together for the first Kitchen Takeover. Diners were treated to a 10 course rickshaw ride of flavours served under the stars at Spongedrop Cakery in Mount Maunganui. Collaborations with On My Hand’s for styling and Spongedrop for the final dessert course added the finishing touches to our taste adventure.

Kitchen takeoveR


For 90 percent of human history, hunter gatherers roamed the earth. Collecting native plants, pursuing wild animals and unlocking the power of fire, their lives were defined by an endless hunt for sustenance.


Kitchen Takeover, Hunter Gather took diners on a journey of 1.6 million years, harnessing the taste buds of our ancestors.

Kitchen takeoveR


In September 2019, Kitchen Takeover tackled a plant-based theme to showcase the power of plants. Guest hikes the herbivorian highway to discover how a lowly turnip could top a T-bone. International chef Shane Yardley was pushed to his limits to deliver a six course menu that revealed the hidden depths of plants. We crept up the path, peeked behind the door and explored the hidden corners of the world’s secret garden, with a fine-dining, taste-tangling trip of a lifetime.

Wish you'd had a bite?


Kitchen Takeover’s Hunter Gatherer edition is coming to Hamilton for the first time. We will take you on a journey of 1.6 million years, exploring all the foraging fodder and hunting bounty that Autumn has to offer. From fish to fruit, plants to flesh, our six course menu will be a celebration of the season’s goodness and Aotearoa's rich and diverse food.