Kitchen Takeover

On a balmy Sunday evening at the end of February 2018, 24 strangers gathered for an intimate evening together for the first Kitchen Takeover. Diners were treated to a 10 course rickshaw ride of flavours served under the stars at Spongedrop Cakery in Mount Maunganui. Collaborations with On My Hand’s for styling and Spongedrop for the final dessert course added the finishing touches to our taste adventure.

What was on the menu?

To start

Cocktails and Canapés

Duck Bahn Mi
Confit duck – duck mousse – pickled watermelon skin

Makrut Mary shooter with oyster shooter
Lime kaffir infused vodka – Te Komua Bay oysters – Vietnamese dressing


Summer Rolls – Goi Cuon
Green Tea Home Smoked Chicken – avocado – glass noodles – crispy chicken skin


Squid Salad – Goi Muc
BBQ squid – roasted rice – homemade black sesame prawn crackers


Millionaires Pho – Pho Nam
Smoked shitake mushrooms – garnishes – kick ass chilli paste


Turmeric Crusted Fish – Cha Cha
Tarakihi – dill – shiso peanut salad – pineapple nuom cham


Watermelon Refresher
Watermelon and Vietnamese mint granita


Coconut panna cotta
Mango saffron coulis – five spice crumb – black sesame brittle


Vietnamese coffee macaroons & lemongrass tea
Yellow for good fortune!

What did the diners think?

” This was the most amazing experience. The food was sooooo good I cannot even begin to describe in words as well as the flavours and the presentation. Sign me up for the next one!”

Kim Raubenheimer

“Kitchen Takeover made me feel like I was living in Melbourne, or Wellington or even New York. Like a glorious local secret, with the added advantage of getting to meet lovely, like-minded folks.”

Rosie Dawson Hewes

“This was an incredible taste sensation, perfect food, perfect setting and perfect company.  I can’t wait for the next one! Somehow i think it’s going to be tough to get a seat next time around.”

Kirstin Mead

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Wish you'd had a bite?

Kitchen Takeover’s Hunter Gatherer edition will take you on a journey of 1.6 million years, exploring all the foraging fodder and hunting bounty that Autumn has to offer. From fish to fruit, plants to flesh, our six course menu will be a celebration of the season’s goodness and Aotearoa’s rich and diverse food.