Fri 3 / Sat 4 / Sun 5 May

Dinner / 7pm

 Secret Mount Location

$105 / pp

‘He was a brave man that first ate an oyster.’

For 90 percent of human history, hunter gatherers roamed the earth. Collecting native plants, pursuing wild animals and unlocking the power of fire, their lives were defined by an endless hunt for sustenance.

Kitchen Takeover, Hunter Gather will take you on a journey of 1.6 million years, harnessing the taste buds of our ancestors. From seafood to fruit, plants to flesh, our five course menu will be a two sided tale. Tradition will butt heads with exploration, modernity will grapple with history and spontaneity will clash against the rules.

We will create delectable plates of food where the main components are hunted or foraged, cooked by a master chef. Each plate will tell a story about it’s origins and the local heroes who are dedicated to keeping traditional ways of sourcing food alive. Not for sustenance, but for the thrill.

Whilst the menu will be refined, it will feature brave new flavours and techniques you may never have experienced before - if meat and two veg is your death row dinner, we’d suggest you stay at home. But for those of you brave enough to venture into the wilderness, join us at a secret location on the 3, 4 and 5th May.

Who is it for?


Wild at heart foodies on the hunt for a ‘big city’ style food adventure. Think the intimacy of an East London supper club mixed with the gastronomy of a top Melbourne laneway eatery and the creativity of a Copenhagen restaurant.


What will you eat?


Our caveman theme means we won’t be able to cater for vegetarians this time - the 5 course set menu will include fish, seafood, nuts, fruit, seeds and meat. If this isn’t for you, sign up to our newsletter to find out when we launch our Kitchen Takeover, the plant-based edition.

Who is cooking?


Shane Yardley is a chef with platefuls of experience. Having spent the first part of his career training in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants including the Sanderson and x, he did a long stint as Simon Gault’s right hand man. He has now returned to the fold as a tutor at Toi Ohomai. Career highlights include Head Chef of Euro, Fish and a guest judge on Masterchef. You’re in for a treat.


How does it work?


The menu will be announced when you arrive and guests will be seated on a long table so you get to meet like-minded foodies.


Where and when will it be?


A secret location in Mount Maunganui. You will be sent a text message with the location two hours before the event. It will be within a five minute drive of Mauao. The dates are:

Friday 3 May - Dinner - 7pm

Saturday 4 May - Dinner - 7pm

Sunday 5 May - Dinner - 7pm


Ready for a bite?


Tickets for our plant-based pop-up, the Secret Garden are on sale now.



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