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‘Food has a way of transporting us back to the past.’

Hamaro Cantu, 2020

After selling out of tickets for 13 nights of Eat Your Memories quicker than you could stop the top of your jelly tip being snagged by your older sibling, we have decided to add an additional six nights – 19th, 21st, 26th, 28th November and 3, 4th & 5th  December. Once these extra events are sold that’s it for 2020 so be quick if you want a seat at our secret supper…

Nana’s Sunday roast with all the trimmings, rice bubble square, or the double-scoop hokey pokey ice cream dripping down your arm at the beach. There are some foods that just take you back to your childhood, don’t they? Food memories are some of the most stirring and nostalgic experiences we have. So what happens when you transform them into a fine-dining feast of next-level edible recollections?

Kitchen Takeover, Eat Your Memories, will take you on a taste tangling tour of our fans’ fondest foodie flashbacks. We’ve crowd-sourced ladlefuls of memories from our culinary customers and turned them into a six course delectable degustation, all with a touch of kitsch and a sprinkle of sophistication. 

Over the course of October, November and December we will bite into the best of New Zealand over multiple decades, reinventing Kiwi childhood classics into dishes so memorable they’ll transport you to another time and place. 

Shane Yardley will be back at KTHQ designing a mouth-watering menu alongside new kid on the block Rob Forsman. Both have stacks of experience, holding Head Chef roles for some of the best in the business, including Simon Gault and Al Brown. 

What are the new dates and times? 

  • Thursday 19th November
  • Saturday 21st November 
  • Thursday 26th November
  • Saturday 28th November  
  • Thursday 3rd December 
  • Friday 4th December
  • Saturday 5th December  


Who is it for?

Wild-at-heart foodies on the hunt for a ‘big city’ style food adventure. Think the intimacy of an East London supper club mixed with the gastronomy of a top Melbourne laneway eatery and the creativity of a Copenhagen restaurant.

What will you eat?

On your plate will be all the classic foods – meat, fish, dairy, sugar. If this isn’t your bag, or you have dietary requirements, try our plant-based alternative menu on the night which covers all the bases.

Who is cooking?

Shane Yardley is a chef with platefuls of experience. Having spent the first part of his career training in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants including the Sanderson and Bistro Largo, he did a long stint as Simon Gault’s right hand man. He has now returned to the fold as a tutor at Toi Ohomai teaching the next generation how to cook like a pro. Career highlights include Head Chef of Euro, Fish, and a guest judge on Masterchef. You’re in for a treat. Alongside him will be new kid on the block Rob Forsman. After seven years as Al Brown’s Head Chef, he knows a thing or two about cooking. 

How does it work?

The set menu will be announced when you arrive. Traditionally diners sit on long tables so they get to meet their undiscovered foodie friends but this will be dependent on COVID-19 level requirements.

Where and when will it be?

A secret location in Tauranga. You will be messaged one hour before the event. It will be within a five minute drive of the CBD.

What happens if the event is unable to go ahead due to COVID-19?

We will postpone it to a later date. If you are unable to make this date we will offer an alternative date or a refund.

What is the cost?

A six-course degustation dining ticket is $125 per person plus a small booking fee. You can also add a four glass wine match for $55. A full bar is available if you would prefer to buy drinks on the night. 


Get in touch with Founder and Foodie, Stacey Jones at Kitchen Takeover on 022 369 8334.

Foodie Reviews

” This was the most amazing experience. The food was sooooo good I cannot even begin to describe in words as well as the flavours and the presentation. Sign me up for the next one!”

Kim Raubenheimer

“Kitchen Takeover made me feel like I was living in Melbourne, or Wellington or even New York. Like a glorious local secret, with the added advantage of getting to meet lovely, like-minded folks.”

Rosie Dawson Hewes

“This was an incredible taste sensation, perfect food, perfect setting and perfect company.  I can’t wait for the next one! Somehow i think it’s going to be tough to get a seat next time around.”

Kirstin Mead

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Wish you'd had a bite?

Kitchen Takeover, Eat Your Memories, will take you on a taste tangling tour of our fans’ fondest foodie flashbacks. We will bite into the best over multiple decades, reinventing Kiwi childhood classics into dishes so memorable they’ll transport you to another time and place with a six course degustation.